Client: Vodafone

Project: #TeamOfUs Walk Up


The Problem:

Vodafone’s sponsorship of the men’s Irish Rugby team is all about connecting players and supporters. We are all part of the #TeamofUs. The question we were asked was clear: how do we bring the ‘Team of Us’ platform to life in a meaningful way for customers on Match Day.


The Solution:

To bring supporters even closer to the team, we created the Vodafone Walk Up; an interactive walk-through installation, mimicking the backroom experience that players go through on match day. Positioned outside the Aviva stadium, we invited match goers to walk through a miniature Aviva stadium, where they would walk through the stadium as players would, seeing the dressing rooms with player jerseys hung up and ready for use. At the centre of the experience, we created an interactive digital screen and combined it with a touch sensitive
mirror which allowed participants to create their own match day video which they could then personalise with their Name, County and Position.


To exit our installation, we built a 3D vista of the inside of the Aviva Stadium, laid artificial grass and piped soundbites of crowds cheering through our speakers. Based on the success of Walk Up; a smaller, easily portable version of the activation was built to activate on street on match days.


Client: Paddy Power

Project: Reverse The Curse


The Problem:

In the summer of 2019, Dublin GAA were hoping to become the first team in history — football or hurling — to win five successive All-Ireland senior titles. Against the backdrop of an Irish Nation riddled with begrudgery and terrified by the prospects of listening to the Dublin faithful recalling the heroics of the ‘Drive for 5’ for generations, Paddy Power knew they needed to intervene.


With the nations hopes now pinned on the Mayo football team, we needed to address the 68-year-old elephant in the room; the Mayo curse. A curse instituted by the last All Ireland Mayo winning team who failed to pay their respects to a funeral on their way home post-win.


The Solution:

And so #ReverseTheCurse was born. We recreated the infamous ’51 funeral, giving players and fans around Croke Park the chance to finally pay their respects and put the curse to bed for once and for all.  Ructions is not a word we choose lightly, but it’s safe to say we caused some on this occasion. Outside of the expected press and radio commentary, #Reversethecurse was trending at No 1 in Ireland just before kick-off - ahead of any other GAA hashtags on the day. Needless to say, Mayo let us all down. So, we all get to listen to the ‘Search for Six’ for the next year. Sound, thanks Mayo.


Client: Bank of Ireland

Project: Union Cup


The Problem:

The Union Cup, Europe’s biggest LGBT+ inclusive rugby tournament, took place in Ireland for the first time ever in the Summer of 2019. The tournament coincided with Bank of Ireland

signing a partnership with the Emerald Warriors, Ireland’s LGBT Rugby team. Bank of Ireland wanted to use the Union Cup to announce their sponsorship of the team and demonstrate their support of rugby in Ireland.


The Solution:

We wanted to create the ultimate Emerald Warrior fan zone – a custom built area where teams and fans could come together throughout the tournament. More importantly, we wanted to create an area where we could, in the spirit of the tournament, entertain the masses all the time showing our support for the Emerald Warriors.


To do that, we created the *drum roll* Bank of Ireland Emerald City; home of the Emerald



Entering the Emerald City through a 5m High arch, we laid out a host of treats for supporters. We had our DJ playing the summer hits, candyfloss and ice cream on tap, face painters armed with glitter and rhinestones and custom designed mocktails inspired by our team (Deccies Daiquiri anyone?). We also had a troupe of Cheerleading Allstars who performed routines and hosted mini classes to teach those all-important cheers. For one weekend, our Emerald City didn’t sleep

Client: emovis

Project: Going Places Podcast


The Problem:

emovis is the leading provider of tolling solutions in Ireland. Against the backdrop of an
ever evolving transportation industry however, the brand has begun a journey to refocus and reposition itself not only a tolling partner but as Ireland’s leading mobility experts.


The Solution:

As part of a wider approach, to deliver on these objectives, we created a 10-episode vodcast

called Going Places (hosted by TV personality Aidan Power), with the aim of starting the

conversation amongst the industry, covering its successes, downfalls and goals for the future. Targeted at industry professionals, with the support of a paid social campaign, the series could be watched online or downloaded as a podcast on streaming channels such as Spotify, Apple Music etc. Each episode saw Aidan pick up a new guest and interview them in his car driving around Dublin’s City Centre, featured key stakeholders and industry leaders in the area of transport and mobility.